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        Your Current Position:  Join Us > Marketing Department
        • Marketing Specialist

          Job category: marketing specialist

          Job nature: full-time

          Location: xiqing district, tianjin

          Work experience: 1-3 years

          Number of employees: 3

          Salary: negotiable

          Education: college degree or above

          Post date: 2016/9/20

          Job description:

          I. functions of Marketing Department

          1.Achieve corporate sales targets.

          2.Develop and implement sales plan.

          3.Sales management;Sales policy formulation and implementation, sales personnel management.

          4.Market research and forecast.


          6.Monitor and evaluate the sales work.

          Ii. Responsibilities of marketing specialist

          2. 1. Investigate the product of the enterprise: product efficacy, quality, brand, packaging and production cost;Price policies and price control systems currently in effect;Market share and sales of products;Advertising, sales, public relations strategies and distribution channels;Supplier survey and raw material price survey;Marketing performance evaluation survey.

          2. Understand the market situation of products of competing enterprises

          3. Responsible for market supervision, customer problem handling, information feedback system, market investigation, prediction and planning

          (4) guidance of national policies and regulations, direction of medical reform, and investigation.

          ⒌ market development trend, the overall characteristics of the survey.

          A demand feature survey of hospitals, doctors, and patients.

          But new products, new technology development direction of investigation.

          ⒏ dealer credit ability investigation, (can be completed by the salesman).

          ⒐ set up intelligence gathering network.

          ⒑ establish information database and file management system.

          ⒒ sorts through the survey data, analysis and scientific forecast and submit report on a regular basis.

          12. Assisted sales staff in product training and technical support.

          13. Keep trade secrets.

          14.Other temporary work.

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