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                      Your Current Position:  Join Us > Quality Department
                      • QA Engineer

                        Job nature: full-time

                        Location: xiqing district, tianjin

                        Work experience: 1-3 years

                        Minimum education: college degree or above

                        Number of employees: 1

                        Salary: negotiable

                        Post date: 2016/9/20


                        1. Organize the quality management system training of all departments;Promote and lead quality improvement activities;

                        2. Responsible for the preparation, revision and management of quality system files and corresponding forms;

                        3. Maintain and promote the quality management system, implement and monitor its effective operation, formulate and improve the system process and issue, etc.;

                        Release of controlled and modified documents;

                        5. Organize the company's quality certification, internal audit and external audit;

                        6. Collect and keep the quality data and archives of the department, urge all positions to make all kinds of standing books and records, and ensure the completeness, accuracy and traceability of all quality activity records;

                        7. Department attendance statistics, office supplies application;

                        8. Manage and maintain measuring instruments and prepare related operation instruction;

                        9. Collect laws, regulations, information and related policy changes;

                        10. Product sampling inspection, food and drug administration system inspection, license on-site inspection and adverse event management;

                        11. Registered products and data management;

                        Job requirements:

                        1-3 years working experience in medical device or medicine industry.

                        College degree or above in mechanical, electronic, pharmaceutical, biological engineering or related major.

                        3. Familiar with relevant laws and regulations, registration, testing and approval procedures.

                        4. Understand ISO13485 quality management system and quality tools, etc.

                      • Quality Inspector

                        Job nature: full-time

                        Work experience: no

                        Location: xiqing district, tianjin

                        Number of employees: 1

                        Salary: negotiable

                        Education: college degree or above

                        Post date: 2016/9/20


                        1. Strictly implement the company's quality standards to inspect daily raw materials and intermediate products;

                        2. Timely feedback of quality problems;

                        3. Product identification and unqualified product management;

                        4. Implement emergency measures after quality accidents and isolate defective products.

                        5. Daily inspection data and inspection problem records;

                        6. Responsible for supervision and maintenance of 5S management on site;

                        7. Other tasks arranged by the department manager;

                        Job requirements:

                        1. Be familiar with and able to read CAD drawings;

                        2. Proficient in using basic measuring instruments, such as multimeter, ammeter, caliper, etc.;

                        3. Proficient in using basic office software, such as word and excel;

                        4. At least one year's experience as an inspector in medical devices or electronic and electrical industry;

                        5. College degree or above;

                        6. Good communication skills and teamwork spirit.